Stepping into Success: A Mother-Daughter Duo Dominates Heart of America Dancesport Competition

Cescily Christensen, an eight year-old dancer with the Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Las Vegas and her Mother, Jeravae Christensen, recently competed in the Heart of America Dancesport Competition in Kansas City, MO. They were accompanied by their instructor, Arthur Murray Dance Studio owner, Justin McClendon.

Mother and daughter posing in ballroom dance dresses

Cescily won first place in all of her dances in the preteen division, where she was judged on several different styles of American ballroom dances and American rhythm dances.

Jeravae Christensen took second place in 2 major smooth championships, as well as first place in two major rhythm championships. She also won the Nine-dance championship, making her first place overall in all nine styles.

Jeravae and Justin at Dancesport ballroom dancing

Jeravae and her husband Michael Christensen started dancing together as a couple at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Las Vegas in 2010. After learning to dance together as a couple they began to compete as an amateur couple and as individuals with their instructors. The pair has gone on to win numerous Top Dance Couple championships and 9 dance champion awards throughout the United States.

Jeravae Justin Cescily at Dancesport

Cescily Christensen has been dancing since she was 3 years old at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Las Vegas, and performed her first solo routine with her dance teacher Justin McClendon at age 3.

Taken from September 19, 2023 By LaGuardia Media and Public Relations

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