Heel Guide


As ballroom shoe manufacturers are adding more types of heel options, it can be hard to know what heel type will be right for you. When it comes time to choose your next pair of dance shoes, consider the following to help make your choice a little easier:

Dance style: Do you dance international, or American styles?  Latin or Ballroom?  You tend to see shorter flared heels in international ballroom, than for American smooth, for example.  But in Latin and Rhythm, many different heel types are used.  

Skill level: If you're just starting out, don't jump right to a 3 inch stiletto's heel until you have a few hours of dance under your belt.  Choose a 2 inch or 2.5 inch flared heel for your first pair of dance shoes.  

Physical balance: Do you tend to have good balance when dancing, or do you need a little more assistance?  If you're great at walking in heels and you know you can handle the challenge, your 3 inch Latin heels will probably be just fine.  However, if you tend to prefer the security of a lower heel when you're dressing up, you'll probably find a 1 inch Cuban heel to be the 

Aesthetics: Last, but definitely not least important; your preference.  What do you like?  What looks good on you?  If you love a stiletto heel, but need a little extra help with balance, there's a way to accomplish that.  If you love a flared look, but want to show off your long legs, we have some gorgeous recommendations.  We're here to guide you in the right direction. 

Below are pictures of what each type of heel looks like. Almost all of the shoe manufacturers we carry offer each type.  If you don't see the shoe you want with the heel option you're after, send us a message, a text or a phone call.  


Bela Latin T strap by International Dance Shoes 

Stiletto heels are thin and taper at the end.  They generally come in 3 inch and 2.5 in heels, but are sometimes available in shorter ang longer options depending on the manufacturer.  They are available on both Latin, ballroom and smooth dance shoes. 

DanceFeel Latin or Tango Shoes

Flared Heels are also generally thin, but become slightly wider at the end.  They also are most commonly found in 3 inch and 2.5 inch heel heights, but also come in other heights and widths. 


Men's Latin dance shoe BD brand

Cuban Heels are wider and cover more of the bottom of the heel than flare or stiletto heels.  They generally come in 1.5 inch to 2 inch and are most commonly found on men's Latin shoes and ladies practice shoes.  


All other heel types generally fall into one of these categories. If you have a heel request, please email us!  We'd be happy to help!