International Dance Shoes

International Dance Shoes are manufacturers of Ballroom and Latin American dance footwear and have been hand-crafting shoes to perfection in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom since 1981.

Our collection features shoes for ladies, gentlemen, and children, for competitive dancing and social dancing with shoes being available with a huge choice of styles, materials, heel options, and fittings too.

Over nearly four decades we've forged an excellent reputation throughout the world for innovative, stylish, high quality, and comfortable shoes, worn by many of the world's leading dancers. We're proud to see our shoes featuring on many television shows across the world such as BBC's 'Strictly Come Dancing', as well as on the feet of some of the world's finest competition dancers gracing famous floors like the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool.

We're a family run business, with founder Rashmi Patel still working day and night on the factory floor managing shoe production as he has done since the very beginning, with son Justin overseeing business operations upstairs. We have a team of around 30 people throughout our factory and office working hard to make sure we provide a blend of excellent products and excellent service at great value.

Many years ago during the global financial crisis, when the UK's shoe manufacturing industry was hurt badly, we didn't give up and outsource our production to the Far East as many brands did at the time, and by remaining loyal to being made in Britain, we've maintained the rare ability to offer wide ranging customisation of shoes to help dancers in their quest to find the perfect shoe. Here in the UK, we also have access to some of the world's finest materials and craftsmen, which helps us maintain our precious reputation of high quality.

We're regarded as leaders in the field of dance footwear manufacture and are constantly developing new products with new technologies and design innovations to help you maximize your performance, whilst experiencing exceptional comfort, and all-in eye-catching fashion. Our focus on comfort differentiates us from many brands, with shoes being made with advanced gel cushioning and arch support to help maintain correct foot alignment. We work with established physiotherapists to ensure our shoes are designed with the health of the dancer in mind, because we know that this can make dancing an even more pleasurable experience.

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