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Dance America Aspen Men's Ballroom Shoes in Black Leather/Lycra Combo in Comfort Fit Width

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Leather and lycra canvas combination provides all the flexibility of a fabric style plus the durability and elegance of a leather model. The fabric hugs the arch, offers amazing support for long hours and lets the foot fully articulate. Strategically placed memory foam padding cushions the ball of the foot while still allowing you to feel the floor and without interfering with the instep.

  • Comfort Fit Width
  • Moisture Wicking 100% Suede Leather Insole
  • Highest Grade Calf Leather
  • Anti-Bacterial Latex memory foam padding
  • Fully Micro Fiber Lined
  • Elasticized Lycra Men’s Shoes
  • Featherweight and Instantly Flexible

Please note that all sizes may not be in stock. Please allow around 2-6 weeks for production and delivery.