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International Dance Shoes IDS Ballroom Standard or Smooth Men's Dance Shoe Available in 4 Material Options CONTRA

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The ‘Contra’ is our most popular design for Ballroom and it is so because of its blend of flexibility, comfort and style. It's classic looking from the outside, but so very innovative inside. It's lightweight and features specially developed arch padding which helps with foot alignment and comfort. There is also padding under the heel to cushion each step and gel padding runs all the way through the insole.

  • Ultra flexible and lightweight with a split-sole design
  • Specially developed soft, yet hard-wearing Patent material
  • Arch support for greater comfort and to help with foot alignment
  • Cushioning underneath the heel to absorb shock
  • Gel padding from the tip of the toe to the back of the heel for cushioning and comfort
  • Foam lining for a comfortable and glove-like fitting
  • Made in England
  • Regular width
  • 1" (2.5cm heel)

Worn by: Arunas Bizokas (World Professional Ballroom Champion), Valerio Colantoni (World Professional Ballroom Finalist), Fedor Isaev (World Amateur Ballroom Champion).

Choose your sole type from the drop down.  XG has a rubberized center for extra friction or outdoor dancing. 

This shoe is pictured in the 1” heel.

Shoes will usually ship within 4-12 working days.