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  • Ray Rose Kalahari in Gold at a partial side view with unbuckled god ankle strap and woven toe straps
  • Side view of Gold Ray Rose Kalahari Ladies Latin Shoes with woven toe straps
  • Chart of heel heights 2" to 3.2" with various styles
  • Shoe sizes from various countries compared to foot lengths for reliable comparison
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Ray Rose H860-X Kalahari Xtra Gold Ladies Latin Dance Shoe

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• Fixed 5 Strap Ladies Latin Dance Sandal.
• Square toe insole.
• Supportive Arch (suitable for medium and high arches)
• Optimum flexibility with stability and control.
• Rounded back.
• “Non stretch” stripping.
• Unique ArtSport diamante buckle.
• Anti bacterial microfiber sock and lining.
• Sports grade heel support material.
• Anti slip heel tips.

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