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Very Fine American Smooth Ballroom Dance Shoes with Cutouts 3707

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These American Style Ballroom Shoes combine elegance and functionality with their delicate mesh cutouts and secure straight ankle strap, designed for both aesthetic appeal and performance.

  • Extra padded footbed: Provides added comfort for long hours of dancing.
  • Minimal shank board: Enhances support and flexibility.
  • Suede bottom sole: Ideal for smooth, controlled movements on the dance floor.
  • 3 mm bottom sole thickness: Offers superior durability compared to the 1.5mm or 2mm soles of other brands.
  • Flared heel: Provides stability and a stylish look.

Made to order item. Ships in approximately 5-8 weeks. Specify your preferred heel type and color when placing your order to create the perfect pair tailored to your needs.