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Werner Kern Denise Ladies Smooth Ballroom Shoes in Black Suede with Cross Strap

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Exceptionally elegant and comfortable Anna Kern dancing shoe with a filigree curved front part of the shoe. The shoe has individually adjustable extravagant crossed instep and heel straps below the sole and at the heel, offering a perfect and extremely comfortable fit.
  • Heel height
    Exceptionally comfortable 5 cm heel (measured from the side) with generous step surface
  • Fitting
    This article has the last-shape "Burgio". All articles with this last-shape have a comparable fit, depending on the material and cut
  • Midsole
    Exceptionally soft and flexible latex midsole
  • Heel
    Shock-absorbent heel cushioning
  • Material
    Soft glove-quality suede leather that provides a particularly gentle and supple fit
  • Lining
    Wonderful feel (while dancing) with high-quality breathable and moisture-absorbent leather lining
  • Outsole
    Flexible suede leather for light and controllable turning and gliding
  • Buckle